I Try, Therefore I Buy

For the longest time, we were a 1 (sometimes none) income household. When our 9-year-old son was about 3 months old, my husband and I relocated to a town five hours away from Chicago. We knew no one, and did not have the benefit of a live-in grandma to care for our infant. We vowed at that time that one of us would work, and one of us would stay home full-time with our children. Over the next several years, this meant giving up some of the things in life we wanted, and sometimes delaying getting the things we needed. But through it all we have remained steadfastly committed to being a loving family.

As we (like most people) continue to inch forward in economic recovery, I am blessed and thankful to belong to sites like houseparty.com and bzzagent.com. With House Party, you apply to win parties/experiences featuring various products and brands which you invite your friends and family to. With BzzAgent, you try products/experiences in exchange for giving your opinion and completing activities like writing reviews and passing out coupons for featured products. Both of these sites have been a godsend for my family. We have had game nights from Hasbro and Bicycle Cards. We have received samples and coupons from Lawry’s, Burt’s Bees, L’Oreal, Budweiser, Sauza Tequila…so many that I cannot name them all in one post.

I am grateful for the companies and brands that have the sensitivity to consumers’ budgets to allow sites like House Party and BuzzAgent to provide these experiences. That is why I am here. To let you know about the products that I am lucky enough to try…most of which I ultimately buy. And don’t think you have to live vicariously through me. I’m a giving soul, so  there will be give-aways and contests. Can’t wait to share!


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