The Start of Something Big

Owning a business has been a goal of mine for years. Like most would be entrepreneurs, I have spent countless hours pondering this goal. What type of business do I want to run? Will I sell goods or services? What do I love that I want to share with others? And the ultimate…if I make it, will the customers come?

Well I am here to tell you that it is time for me to stop pondering and start doing. Push my own ass out of the nest so to speak. One of the many culinary gifts that my Louisiana born and bred momma gave me was the ability to make the most delicious confectionary delight ever created; pralines. I love them (and have the hips to prove it) and so do all the family and friends I have made them for over the years. I also love creating other sweet treats and candies and so it finally dawned on me. Sell your delicious candy treats here  and share them with the rest of the world. Or at least the U.S.

Trying my hand at entrepreneurship is a huge undertaking. Like many women I have a house, a husband and kiddos to look after. Oh, and did I mention I work a full-time job from home? So for the love of my craft and my desire to have my name on something that I own, I will soon be getting even less than the 5-ish hours of sleep I normally get. But through it all I will forge ahead with the sweet thought that I am finally embarking on a journey that my thoughts have been taking me on for years. Pray for me!


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