Somebody throw me a lifeline

How do they do it? The uber-organized-involved-in-everything-head-of-the-PTO-full-of-energy-socially-conscience-cook-every- night-have- the-bathed-kids-in-bed-by-9-keep-the-house-clean-and-still-find-time-to-workout-an-hour-a-day women? What is your secret? And does it come in over the counter form?

For the past several weeks/months I have been up to my hair follicles in school, fundraising, and trying to keep my kids from killing one another.

I have also been the recipient of some great Buzz campaigns lately. From the Private Selection® Taste of Summer Campaign

(thanks for topping off our Memorial Day celebration) ,  to the

Dr.Scholl’s® For Her Campaign (my feet are saying ahhhh!)

Dr. Scholl's(R) For Her    or the

Filippo Berio ® Olive Oil Campaign

 Filippo Berio(R) Olive Oil 

I have been a Buzzin’ fool. Yes I love getting products to try and I love spreading the word about it.

Now we are in the thick of Summer vacation, doing daily activities to try to avoid Summer Brain Drain. I’ve also started working another full-time job (from home, of course) that I actually…(wait for it)…adore.
So as you can see I’m busy as a bee these days. Poised to try new things and waiting for a two for one deal on those lifelines.

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