Is this natural?

So I have gotten a new Bzz Campaign for the . Smooth and Shine promises 6 weeks of semi-permanent manageability for hair. According to the Smooth ‘n Shine website, the product “Transforms hair with up to 5X less damage than relaxers and *lasts up to 6 weeks on treated growth (or 5 washes)! This treatment is a gentle, semi-permanent taming product that won’t damage hair structure by breaking hair bonds the way other permanent chemical treatments do, and will have a gradual and cumulative effect the more you use it!”

Now I have been natural for 10 years, vowing never to put another relaxer in my gorgeous, kinky locks. And while I have tried to be a good student of the science behind why relaxers are not good for our hair, I am no scholar by any means. I just know that being natural, rocking the locks that God gave me, feels so right. Especially once I learned how to take care of my hair. But like most girls, natural or otherwise, I wouldn’t mind a way to tame my tresses that does not permanently alter the structure of my locks.

Enter the Smooth ‘N Shine Bzz Campaign. Initially I had intentions of giving this product away and following the lucky recipient’s experience. But as I look deeper into the product and wait for my Bzz Kit, I am less opposed to trying it (check out demo this vid). If I like it and what it does to my hair, cool. If not, I’m not opposed to doing a BC and starting from scratch. It’s only hair. And I know that as long as you give it some TLC, no matter what products you use, it thrives.


Take Note: I received this product sample as a member of Bzz Agent. I’m not a paid endorser. Just a mom on a budget who likes to try new things.

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