A thrifty-by-circumstance, try-it-before-I-buy-it,maven, mom of 6, and all-around trophy wife. Love creating, nurturing, and free stuff! Always looking for ways to improve myself and my family. I invite you to delight in the products, brands and experiences we are fortunate to partake of.

Thou art home. Take a seat, sit a spell!

 ©Camp Campbell©


thefamThank you for visiting the thethingsitry! What our family lacks in monetary assets, we more than double in the currencies of heart, love, and determination. We are often blessed (beyond measure or deserving) to try various products, go to certain places and meet certain people. These people and experiences enrich our lives immensely.

So what will you find here? Well there are Product Reviews and Date and Family Night ideas, as well as details about how I am overcoming my struggles with weight and health issues and getting back to be the Diva God calls me to be. I hope you enjoy!


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