Be…Ready for a good wine

My latest Bzz Campaign has allowed me the opportunity to try Be.Wines. Be.Wines has offerings in 4 varieties that cater to your mood. There’s the Flirty Pink Moscato, Bright Pinot Grigio, Fresh Chardonnay, and Radiant Riesling.

After taking the Be. Wines quiz (don’t you love quizzes?), I found that my personality tended toward both the Flirty Pink Moscato AND the Fresh Chardonnay. For my first time out the gate I tried the Pink Moscato. I have to say, it was bold, crisp, fruity, and not as sweet as a lot of Moscato’s I’ve tried, which was fine by me. I have to give this wine an A+. Priced at around $10, I found it to be a pretty good value for the quality of wine. Not that I am a professional, mind you. I just know what taste’s good to me.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try some Be.Wine for yourself. Go to to find out which Be. flavor suits you.


***I received a free “sample” (ok, a rebate coupon) for this product. Other than that, there was no compensation involved. Unless you count the benefit of trying a pretty good wine.