Holiday Entertaining

I am super stoked about my Private Selection® Holiday Bzz Kit I received in the mail yesterday. It is chock full of Private Selection swag and I could not be more excited about entertaining for the holidays.

We are a laid back, welcoming brood, and that is reflective in our entertaining style. Holiday parties at our home consist of delicious, homemade meals, coupled with football (on TV and in the yard), board games and lots of laughs. With my Private Selection® Holiday Bzz Kit, I can run to Kroger and grab the goods I need for a perfect party. The Bzz Kit included:

1 –  4.4 Oz Box of Classic Water Crisps crackers
1 – 11Oz Bag of Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee
1 –  Coupon for a Free Private Selection pre-sliced deli cheese
1 –  Coupon for a Free jar of Private Selection Pasta Sauce
1 –  Coupon for a Free jar of Private Selection Olives
1 – Coupon for $.75 off Private Selection yogurt
5 – 20% off Coupons so friends and family can save on Private Selection offerings

This Campaign is right on time. While we are laid back, we do like to impress when we entertain. And Private Selection let’s us do gourmet without the gourmet price. So no matter if it’s an appetizer that consists of artisan cheese and crackers, or an after dinner cup of gourmet coffee, Private Selection will help us cover every aspect of our Holiday menu planning.

I am an unpaid, non-attorney, non-spokesperson for Private Selection or Kroger Brands. I’m just a Bzz Agent that received great stuff in exchange for my honest opinion.


It’s Nerf or Nuthin’



My family just had the opportunity to check out the coolest toy that I’ve come across in a long while. Just in time for cooler temps and football season, I was given a chance to participate in the NERF FireVision Sports Bzz Campaign. Nerf Fire Vision is so absopositively cool because of the Fire Vision ball uses  Microprism Technology to make it, well, glow…night or daylight. The Fire Vision frames (which come in red or green), work in conjunction with the Fire Vision ball to cast a glow that has a range over 100 feet/30 meters. The frames come with button-cell batteries and there is no recharging required. My boys, age 10 and 8, and my 4-year-old girl went nuts (seen here) over getting this Bzz Campaign. We live in the country where it is pitch black after sun down and we were still able to run routes and consistently catch the ball. We have yet to play in the day time, but that is next on the agenda. This is a great game to play after a backyard que or anytime as the crisp days of Fall beckon for football. But instead of me gushing about it nonstop, why don’t I just share with you? Leave me a comment about your family’s favorite Fall activity and be entered to win a pair of Nerf Fire Vision Sports Frames. Simple, eh? Well what are you waiting for? Winner will be chosen from those who leave a comment by 9/25 and announced on 9/28. Happy commenting!

*I was not paid by the Nerf company, just given a free sample of the Fire Vision Sports Football stuffery by Bzz Agent. The giveaway/contest is not sponsored by none other than myself.

Who’s Hungry?

Well we all are from time to time. And have I got the giveaway for you. And it is so easy to qualify. Go to and be sure to “Like” the page. That’s it! Those who comply will be entered into a drawing for a free $25 gift card. Those who don’t? Well us-unhs might just have you for supper!

Winner will be drawn at random once I reach 100 “Likes”, so get to clicking! Be sure to spread the word.

And to see what The Things I Try has on the horizon (the Reading Horizons, that is) check out this reading program we are trying at home. And oh yes, all you home educators, there will be a giveaway…feeling so generous!

That’s All for Now



Is it Halloween Yet!?

I know, I know. School is just starting back, and that is what all the fuss is currently about. And with this week’s post I kinda feel like when you go into Walmart for the after Christmas sales, and they already have the Easter stuff up. Well it does not hurt to plan ahead for us busy guys and gals.

Being busy is a good thing, right? I mean they say the idle mind is the devil’s playground. Well let me tell you, I have been as busy as a bee. Or should I say a Bebe?

My daughter (Bebe) and I were recently the lucky recipients of a product review opportunity from They offer a huge selection of toddler/kid Halloween costumes, as well as other ages/sizes. She chose (what else?) the Girls Little Honey Bee Costume (Item #CC00257). The costume retails for only $26.99 and for that amount you get all the loot pictured below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have to say for the price, this is a lot of costume. The construction is relatively good for a Halloween costume. It is not so paper-thin that I thought it would tear upon normal wear/use. But we are talking about MY Bebe. She don’t do normal. So I let her try it on and frolic around a bit seen here:

After romping around the yard a bit and making her “rap” video, Bebe did note that the dress “itched” her a little. No sweat. We all know that Octoboo-r usually means cooler temps and I will put either a black or yellow leotard underneath to keep her warm and the itchies away.

For your little ones’ perfectly frightful look, stop on over at and be sure to like them on Facebook. This mom gives them a thumbs up for a costume package that is priced right and packed to the hilt. Now where’d I put those Christmas lights?

*I received a complimentary costume sample in conjunction with this review. Tis’ my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thrifting Haul & Woolite Sample Giveaway!

Yesterday I spent the day out with my favorite girl in the whole, wide world . (Seen here

sporting a little something I whipped up based on this tut  from Make It and Love It).

A quick trip to one of or local thrift stores netted these neat finds.

Total spent on the beginnings of a back-to-school wardrobe that would make any pre-K diva smile? $8.47! I love a great bargain, but, who doesn’t right? The Gap Kids striped dress is my fav. With our mild Fall weather, she can rock the Bermuda shorts for a good while. And the shoes go with everything. The skirt has a little jingle bell string tie and little bead embellishment at the hemline. Reading the tag I see that it recommends hand washing. But I figure I can toss it in the wash on gentle with a little Woolite.

Speaking of Woolite, I recently received a sample of Woolite® Extra Dark Care from Crowdtap. It is specially formulated to keep your jeans and dark clothing looking newer longer. I have to say I quite enjoyed the opportunity to review this product. It has a lovely, fresh scent and worked wonders for the jeans in our home. But don’t just take my word for it. I have two sample packages to give away to one lucky winner. Just do two things. 1)Subscribe to receive email updates from this blog (click the link on the sidebar), and 2) Post a comment completing this question…”Wearing my favorite pair of jeans makes me feel…” That’s it! Simple, right? Winner will be selected at random on Friday, August 10. Good luck!

***I was in no way compensated for this post. Unless you include the awesome sample I received for being a member of Crowdtap.

Sniff, Sniff…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So the other day my little cuddle bug Bebe and I discovered that while there were plenty of boy varieties of “bay bah” in the house (that is her word for deodorant), there was no girl “bay bah”. Off to Walmart we went for that and various other HBA items we needed. As usual, budget was an issue, and as opposed to springing for my usual $3 and change variety of deodorant, I opted for Suave® 24-Hour Protection Everlasting Sunshine Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant/ Deodorant. It was only $.97, so it fit nicely into my budget for the day.

Suave Everlasting Sunshine

After my next shower I used my Suave® deodorant and I was overwhelmed! I ran around the house making everyone smell my armpits because the scent was to die for. My husband refused to cooperate and does not know what he missed out on. But, I digress.

The invisible solid went on smooth and clear, as promised. Even after my workout to the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, it was still going strong. I am very pleasantly surprised that for under a dollar I was able to find a great performing anti-perspirant deodorant that exceeded my expectations. I think I am hooked! Next time I’m shopping I’ll have to pick up the Everlasting Sunshine shampoo & conditioner, body wash and lotion. For now, it’s back to sniffing my armpits.

Be…Ready for a good wine

My latest Bzz Campaign has allowed me the opportunity to try Be.Wines. Be.Wines has offerings in 4 varieties that cater to your mood. There’s the Flirty Pink Moscato, Bright Pinot Grigio, Fresh Chardonnay, and Radiant Riesling.

After taking the Be. Wines quiz (don’t you love quizzes?), I found that my personality tended toward both the Flirty Pink Moscato AND the Fresh Chardonnay. For my first time out the gate I tried the Pink Moscato. I have to say, it was bold, crisp, fruity, and not as sweet as a lot of Moscato’s I’ve tried, which was fine by me. I have to give this wine an A+. Priced at around $10, I found it to be a pretty good value for the quality of wine. Not that I am a professional, mind you. I just know what taste’s good to me.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try some Be.Wine for yourself. Go to to find out which Be. flavor suits you.


***I received a free “sample” (ok, a rebate coupon) for this product. Other than that, there was no compensation involved. Unless you count the benefit of trying a pretty good wine.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

As a newbie to the Blogosphere, I am learning my way around an effective post that grabs readers’ attention and rings true to who I am as a woman, mom and wife. There is so much to learn and to share, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

I’ve decided that if I am going to produce a product that is useful, enjoyable, and perhaps at some point, profitable, I need to hone my skills, much like any other endeavor in life. Enter Bloggy Conference.

Bloggy Conference is an extension of the Bloggy Moms community and provides networking and development opportunities to would-be, budding, and seasoned bloggers. 2012 marks the second year for the conference that will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am strongly considering attending and wanted to know if anyone attended the 2011 conference in Mason, OH? If so, what was your impression of the conference? Did you find value in the forums and networking opportunities? Please share your thoughts as I consider attending this conference in an effort to help me grow as a blogger. Thanks in advance!


Is this natural?

So I have gotten a new Bzz Campaign for the . Smooth and Shine promises 6 weeks of semi-permanent manageability for hair. According to the Smooth ‘n Shine website, the product “Transforms hair with up to 5X less damage than relaxers and *lasts up to 6 weeks on treated growth (or 5 washes)! This treatment is a gentle, semi-permanent taming product that won’t damage hair structure by breaking hair bonds the way other permanent chemical treatments do, and will have a gradual and cumulative effect the more you use it!”

Now I have been natural for 10 years, vowing never to put another relaxer in my gorgeous, kinky locks. And while I have tried to be a good student of the science behind why relaxers are not good for our hair, I am no scholar by any means. I just know that being natural, rocking the locks that God gave me, feels so right. Especially once I learned how to take care of my hair. But like most girls, natural or otherwise, I wouldn’t mind a way to tame my tresses that does not permanently alter the structure of my locks.

Enter the Smooth ‘N Shine Bzz Campaign. Initially I had intentions of giving this product away and following the lucky recipient’s experience. But as I look deeper into the product and wait for my Bzz Kit, I am less opposed to trying it (check out demo this vid). If I like it and what it does to my hair, cool. If not, I’m not opposed to doing a BC and starting from scratch. It’s only hair. And I know that as long as you give it some TLC, no matter what products you use, it thrives.


Take Note: I received this product sample as a member of Bzz Agent. I’m not a paid endorser. Just a mom on a budget who likes to try new things.

Somebody throw me a lifeline

How do they do it? The uber-organized-involved-in-everything-head-of-the-PTO-full-of-energy-socially-conscience-cook-every- night-have- the-bathed-kids-in-bed-by-9-keep-the-house-clean-and-still-find-time-to-workout-an-hour-a-day women? What is your secret? And does it come in over the counter form?

For the past several weeks/months I have been up to my hair follicles in school, fundraising, and trying to keep my kids from killing one another.

I have also been the recipient of some great Buzz campaigns lately. From the Private Selection® Taste of Summer Campaign

(thanks for topping off our Memorial Day celebration) ,  to the

Dr.Scholl’s® For Her Campaign (my feet are saying ahhhh!)

Dr. Scholl's(R) For Her    or the

Filippo Berio ® Olive Oil Campaign

 Filippo Berio(R) Olive Oil 

I have been a Buzzin’ fool. Yes I love getting products to try and I love spreading the word about it.

Now we are in the thick of Summer vacation, doing daily activities to try to avoid Summer Brain Drain. I’ve also started working another full-time job (from home, of course) that I actually…(wait for it)…adore.
So as you can see I’m busy as a bee these days. Poised to try new things and waiting for a two for one deal on those lifelines.