Special K Knourish

Getting my Knourish-ment on!

Getting my Knourish-ment on!


It’s Nerf or Nuthin’



My family just had the opportunity to check out the coolest toy that I’ve come across in a long while. Just in time for cooler temps and football season, I was given a chance to participate in the NERF FireVision Sports Bzz Campaign. Nerf Fire Vision is so absopositively cool because of the Fire Vision ball uses  Microprism Technology to make it, well, glow…night or daylight. The Fire Vision frames (which come in red or green), work in conjunction with the Fire Vision ball to cast a glow that has a range over 100 feet/30 meters. The frames come with button-cell batteries and there is no recharging required. My boys, age 10 and 8, and my 4-year-old girl went nuts (seen here) over getting this Bzz Campaign. We live in the country where it is pitch black after sun down and we were still able to run routes and consistently catch the ball. We have yet to play in the day time, but that is next on the agenda. This is a great game to play after a backyard que or anytime as the crisp days of Fall beckon for football. But instead of me gushing about it nonstop, why don’t I just share with you? Leave me a comment about your family’s favorite Fall activity and be entered to win a pair of Nerf Fire Vision Sports Frames. Simple, eh? Well what are you waiting for? Winner will be chosen from those who leave a comment by 9/25 and announced on 9/28. Happy commenting!

*I was not paid by the Nerf company, just given a free sample of the Fire Vision Sports Football stuffery by Bzz Agent. The giveaway/contest is not sponsored by none other than myself.

Is this natural?

So I have gotten a new Bzz Campaign for the . Smooth and Shine promises 6 weeks of semi-permanent manageability for hair. According to the Smooth ‘n Shine website, the product “Transforms hair with up to 5X less damage than relaxers and *lasts up to 6 weeks on treated growth (or 5 washes)! This treatment is a gentle, semi-permanent taming product that won’t damage hair structure by breaking hair bonds the way other permanent chemical treatments do, and will have a gradual and cumulative effect the more you use it!”

Now I have been natural for 10 years, vowing never to put another relaxer in my gorgeous, kinky locks. And while I have tried to be a good student of the science behind why relaxers are not good for our hair, I am no scholar by any means. I just know that being natural, rocking the locks that God gave me, feels so right. Especially once I learned how to take care of my hair. But like most girls, natural or otherwise, I wouldn’t mind a way to tame my tresses that does not permanently alter the structure of my locks.

Enter the Smooth ‘N Shine Bzz Campaign. Initially I had intentions of giving this product away and following the lucky recipient’s experience. But as I look deeper into the product and wait for my Bzz Kit, I am less opposed to trying it (check out demo this vid). If I like it and what it does to my hair, cool. If not, I’m not opposed to doing a BC and starting from scratch. It’s only hair. And I know that as long as you give it some TLC, no matter what products you use, it thrives.


Take Note: I received this product sample as a member of Bzz Agent. I’m not a paid endorser. Just a mom on a budget who likes to try new things.